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  • Nice day at the beach!! Find out why Siesta Key has been voted the number one beach in the world..

    The Capri at Siesta

    The Capri at Siesta Key Storefront
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    Phone: (941) 684-3244
    Address: 6782 Sarasea Cir, Sarasota, FL 34242

    Siesta key is well known for its breathtaking beauty and elegance, which is precisely what you will find during your visit to The Capri. The Capri at Siesta offers comfortable and completely furnished rooms with premium beds, large screen TV’s, kitchenettes and more at quite flexible rates. You may unwind in the elegant and comfortable guest rooms which are well appointed. You may even enjoy the outdoor meal beneath the shade of the tropical trees, or can enjoy the water in the heated, recently remodeled pool.

    All these are just few steps away from a pleasing paved path which is lined with the tropical flora, bringing you to the famous Siesta Key Beach. However, with the beautiful sunsets and powdery white sand, it is no wonder why this is known as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It also offers the cultural delights, sensational shopping and high class of entertainment that draws the attention of visitors and tourist. (more…)

    The History of Siesta Key

    birds on the beachUp until the 20th century Siesta Key was an uninhabited, sleepy barrier island located off the coast of Sarasota. It was known as “Clam Island”, “Little Sarasota Island”, and “Sarasota Key”. The history of Siesta Key is very unique, as you will soon see. It was not a place that tourists frequented either. Its population consisted of very few families who had beach homes on the island and not many lived there as their primary residence. Majority of the families who lived there resided on the island because they had a fisherman in the family.

    Back in those days, Siesta Key was known for the dense vegetation and mosquito swarms, snakes, sand fleas, mean wildcats, and wild boars. It was not connected to the mainland and everything had to be transported by boat across the Sarasota Bay. However, after the 20th century changes begin to slowly take place. During 1906, Captain Roberts and his wide opened up a hotel in their large boardinghouse home. They not only offered northern visitors a place to stay but they also were well-known for Mrs. Roberts’s seafood. (more…)

    Fun Things To Do in Siesta Key

    Siesta Key is frequently named the best beach in Florida and it is for a good reason. The beach at Siesta Key has the softest sand of any other beach along the entire coast line of Florida. If you travel to Siesta Key, there are many ways to spend your time and enjoy your vacation. Here’s some fun things to do in Siesta Key, Florida..

    Go to the Beach

    One of the first and most important things that visitors to Siesta Key, FL should do is go to the beach. It runs the entire length of the island and offers so many great things to do. Whether you build a sandcastle, toss a Frisbee around, lounge in the sun, go for a walk, or read a book, you will not be disappointed with the activity that happens along the Siesta Key beach. (more…)

    5 Reasons to Visit Siesta Key

    Amazing sunset at the beachFlorida is a state full of memorable cities and towns, but some are slightly more memorable than the others. Siesta Key is a small town that is not easy to forget. It is frequently at the top of many “Best Beaches” lists and it rightfully deserves its positions on those lists. These are five reasons to visit Siesta Key, FL: (more…)

    Enterprise Sailing Charters

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    Phone: (941) 951-1833
    Address: 2 Marina Plaza  Sarasota, FL 34236

    Do you wish to sail on the turquoise sea? Or do you wish to feel the breeze? Great, Enterprise sailing charters can provide you with all this. With us you may enjoy the wonderful beauty by looking at a sight as inquisitive as dolphins swimming at the side. You will be able to see the dolphins on pretty much all of the trips. Besides seeing dolphins you may also see historic landmarks and even the celebrity homes from the waterways during sailing on board of the Enterprise sailing charters.

    Let the gentle waves and the setting sun help relax you on your visit to Siesta Key. You may snuggle with your partner or you can even party with your friends. All the fun and enjoyment can be yours, while dealing with the Enterprise Sailing Charters which will give you the spectacular experience of sailing on a luxurious sailboat. (more…)

    Siesta Key Free Ride

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    Siesta Key Free Ride provides you with a free ride that is absolute safe so you can continue to have an endless amount of fun while visiting Siesta Key, Florida. The ride is offered in a vehicle that’s electric driven and open-air. You may call for quick delivery and pick-up. It is an all electric taxi vehicle and the courier service which is driving in simple blowy open airs; it is the non polluting vehicles all through the Siesta Key. They will drive you to shops, the restaurants and even beaches and will also drop you back to your home quite safely. You may even set yourself completely free to get pleasure from the sizzling night life of the Siesta Key devoid of any kind of fear about driving under any kind of influence. You can either make a call or can even give the shout whenever you see us for the free ride. So, you may now enjoy the wonderful Siesta key free ride and enjoy the beauty. (more…)

    Sun Ride Pedicab & Historic Tours

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    Phone: (941) 343-3400
    Address: Siesta Key Village, Siesta Key, FL 34242

    With the increasing demand for the eco-friendly as well as the green service offerings, the Sun Ride Pedicab and historic tours capitalizes on the healthy, natural and the logical approach for transportation. The key goal of sun ride pedicab is to regularly create the core group of the repeat as well as new riding clients and also the local advertisers which demand the great quality along with reliability of the service and the promotion with the absolute focus on the environment and its safety However, In addition to the transport services, it also offers the wonderful historical and sunset trips. Sun Ride Pedicab is the one and only official tour guide of Siesta Key.

    Through this you may explore the truly rich history of the most gorgeous beach of America. If you are only visiting, or have even lived your complete life here, you may unleash the inner explorer with the exclusive bicycle tour. Their guides will provide you the ride all through the island, and will also give you the historical information on the way. (more…)

    Siesta Sports Rentals

    Siesta Sports Rentals
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    Phone: (941) 346-1797
    Address: 6551 Midnight Pass Road, Siesta Key, FL 34242

    Siesta Sports Rentals is situated on the beautiful island of Siesta Key, here you can get Bike Rentals, Scooter Rentals, Kayak Rentals, Children Strollers, Kayak Tours and the Car Seats Rentals. So, if you are on your vacation or even if you are residing in Florida, we provide you with the chance to see Siesta Key and Sarasota, Florida in the way which it should be seen. The Siesta Sports rental is situated at the 6551 Midnight Pass Road. It is just few steps away from the Crescent Beach. It provides friendly as well as the quality service at extremely affordable and reasonable prices. It also provides the service of delivery and even pick up.

    Do you wish to have fun and complete adventure then you should rent the Kayak rentals and should take a trip to great wild life and the Florida life of siesta. (more…)

    Siesta Key Bike and Kayak

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    Phone: (941) 346-0891
    Address: 1224 Old Stickney Point Road, Siesta Key, FL

    The siesta Key Bike and Kayak offers an extensive selection of the bicycles for your complete family, as well as kayaks. It offers scooters, paddle-boards, beach wheelchairs as well as other equipment for the beach, at an affordable price too. They also offer completely free rental pickup as well as free delivery. The kayak tours take you through the striking tunnels of mangrove. It is situated at just one street south of the Stickney Point Bridge which is behind the Restaurant of Captain Curt. You may even take a kayak for rent and then you can explore Back Bay at the Neville Wildlife Preserve area where the sea and the wildlife flourish. You may take the scenic as well as the relaxing kayak trip through most exotic tunnel of Lido Mangrove where you can easily see manatees and dolphins.

    It also offers eco tours and Paddle boards to enjoy the most thrilling trip of Siesta Key. So, be adventurous and have absolute fun. (more…)

    Crescent Beach

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    Crescent beach is the perfect destination for your family vacation or weekend getaway. It is well known beach for viewing the wildlife and also a great spot for swimming. This beach is a great place to swim at. Crescent beach is a small sized beach which is located just outside the Sarasota area. It is very clean and great to look at, you will definitely have an awesome and superb experience during the visit to this beach. It offers complete peace and you can even enjoy the wonderful and colorful view of the sunset. The water on this beach is also quite clean and clear and the sand is very soft to feel.

    Do you wish to visit a beach which is public but still offers some private sections, then crescent beach is a great option to enjoy and have complete fun.

    Siesta Key Public Beach

    Siesta Keys Public Beach Entrance
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    Phone: (941) 349-3800
    Address: 948 Beach Road, Siesta Key, FL

    Siesta Key Public Beach is an area that is a highly popular and famous destination. It is easily accessible from the South Tamiami Trail of Sarasota. The siesta key public beach offers everything which could be required by a beach-goer,  starting with that splendid white sand which is so soft that it’s made this beach famous all across the world. The extensive public beach extends from the Gulf of Mexico to the attractive pavilion which is a house of restrooms, a souvenir, beach-gear store as well as a place for putting some beads in your hair. This public beach offers diverse amenities which any family would wish for, it has volleyball nets, a playground, picnic areas, grills, and public restrooms.

    This beach is excellent for families with small kids, this is why it’s a very popular destination for families. The ocean water is quite shallow near the shore, allowing people who can’t swim to enjoy the beach too. Lifeguards are always available on the beach at the time of swimming hours. (more…)